In May 2019 the AAEE received an invitation to attend a two-day workshop run by the Department of Science and the Environment (DES) exploring the resources and expertise available to implement a new focus on Waste Education for Queensland. The event was attended by a broad range of stakeholders, including Regional Council waste educators, Parents and Citizens groups, staff from Outdoor and environmental Education Centres, teachers and curriculum coordinators from a number of schools.

Expertise and resources from the discontinued Earth Smart Science (ESS) program were drawn upon, as well as tried and true practices used by waste educators employed by local councils to educate householders about recycling and other waste reduction practices. New impetus was given to waste education due to the introduction in State of Queensland of a waste levy generating $76 per ton for waste to landfill, of which a proportion has been earmarked for education.

UPDATE: The Waste Education Materials can be found here.