2017 has been a challenging year for the AAEE QLD Chapter Management Committee as we continue the hard work required to get a recently incorporated organisation functioning to its best ability. We obviously don’t shy away from a challenge though, as we also put our hand up to host the #AAEE2018 national biennial conference in October next year… and much like the best gifts we will leave you in anticipation of the “unwrapping” of our plans early next year!

AAEE QLD is also pleased to announce that work has started on the development of our chapter website and this will provide us with enhanced means of engaging with our membership.

Our regional branches again hosted Earth Day Professional Development events, and this year a Brisbane AAEE event was held for the first time in several years. Special thanks go to this year’s keynote speakers: Pat Armstrong (Leaders for Sustainability) at the Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast events; and Noeleen Rowntree (Bunyaville EEC) and Dr Christine Lambkin (Queensland Museum) at the Darling Downs event. The Professional development events attracted over 150 participants state-wide and we hope that this augurs well for the conference.

AAEE QLD made a submission to the Queensland Government regarding a ban on single use plastic bags and we are ecstatic to note that this has been successful and the legislation will be enacted state-wide in July 2018.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that for the second year in a row, the Queensland Chapter’s nominee for Australian Environmental Educator of the Year was successful. Congratulations to Jo-Anne Ferreira, now at Southern Cross University, who has contributed to AAEE in many capacities over the years.